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Canine Snacks

As a result of its unique elaboration process, Churpi is 100% organic, free from chemicals and preservatives, practically free from lactose and very low on fat. Because of its high contents of protein, calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, B1, B12, C, D, E and K, folic acid and biotin, it is a superb natural dietary complement that, in addition of preventing risks to your dog's health, it enhances it, becoming and excellent investment in their happiness.

Ingredients: Yak milk, cow milk, lime juice and salt.

Churpi Original bars are the perfect source of healthy entertainment for your pet. In addition to being irresistible, their extreme hardness makes it necessary for the dog to patiently soften them in their mouth until they are able to slowly consume them, providing long hours of amusement.

Available in 150g packs and also in a 50 grams Pocket Size.

With the same quality and nutritional benefits of Churpi Original, and a light and crispy texture, Churpi Puffies are a healthy and irresistible snack, ideal for any moment of the day and also perfect as a training treat for your pet.

Available in 500 ml packs containing 12 to 15 units, with a weight of 70 grams.

Churpi Crunchies are a new offering with the crunchy texture of Churpi Puffies in a flatter format, which is perfect so that small and medium size dogs can handle them with ease. They are also excellent for larger dogs, as an snack with intermediate duration.

Available in 500 ml packs containing 5 to 7 units, with a weight of 70 grams.

If your dogs love the taste and aroma of Churpi Original, but their texture of choice is the crunchy one from Churpi Puffies, Churpi Puffie Bars are the perfect combination that will allow them to enjoy for a long time while ingesting a healthy dose of nutrients of the highest quality.

Available in 500 ml packs containing 2-3 units, with a weight of 70 grams.

How to turn Churpi Original remains into a delicious and crunchy snack

Step 1

After your dog has enjoyed the Churpi Original bar, take the remaining piece.

Step 2

Heat up the remaining piece in the microwave for about 30 to 60 seconds* depending on the power and/or altitude.

*(Recommend 45 seconds for power of 1100 watts)

Step 3

When the piece of cheese has inflated, let it cool down for 2 minutes before feeding it to your dog. He or she will be so thankful for his/her new delicious snack!

Churpi Nutrition and Health Claim
- Contains high Protein (above 50%), and right amount of moisture, carbohydrate and fat. Best for Dogs of all ages. Works as a great food supplement.
- Contains Folic Acid. Reduces risk of heart disease and cancer.
- Contains Biotin. Enhances cell growth and food metabolism.
- Contains Calcium. Aids in development of bones and teeth.
- Contains Phosphorous. Builds and protects bones; deficiency can lead to anemia, muscle weakness and loss of appetite.
- Contains Iron. Help create more red blood cells and myoglobin, thus strengthens muscles.
- Contains Manganese. Important for metabolism, bone development and wound healing.
- Contains Magnesium. Regulates blood pressure and strengthens muscle.
- Contains Potassium. Regulates heartbeat, improves nervous system; deficiency causes fatigue, muscle weakness, cramps, abdominal pain and constipation.
- Contains Sodium. Regulates blood pressure, enhances digestion and nerve signal transmission.
- Contains Zinc. Enhances growth in puppies, smoothens the skin, and improves their immune system.
- Contains Vitamin A. Enhances red and white blood cell production, builds bones and enhances vision, reduces risk of cancer.
- Contains Vitamin B1. Enhances health of hair, skin, muscles, eyes and brain.
- Contains Vitamin B12. Improves production and protection of nerve cells, and makes dogs smarter.
- Contains Vitamin C. Lowers risk of cancer, improves digestion and boosts immunity.
- Contains Vitamin D. Improves metabolism, immunity, nervous system and bone density
- Contains Vitamin E. Strengthen muscles, makes shiny and stronger hair.
- Contains Vitamin K. Helps in wound healing and bone development.
- It does NOT contain grain nor gluten, and it is hipoalergenic.
- It does NOT contain any preservatives, colorants nor any other artificial ingredients.
- Furthermore, thanks to its unique elaboration process it is very low on fat and practically free from lactose. As a result it is easily digestible, unlike other dairy products.

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