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PetWinery was founded to create healthy vitamin enriched beverages and treats that are safe for dog and cats.
From their lab in Florida, Petwinery produces their beverages that are made from organic products to ensure the highest level of quality.


PetWinery Champagne


Dog Perignon and Meow & Chandon have been formulated so you can now pop bottles with your dog and cat. Blended with filtered water, a healthy dose of salmon oil and organic food colouring.

PetWinery Martini


Cat-Tini and Dog-Tini is the drink for the Classiest of Dogs. The Dog-Tini comes in a glass bottle. Special blend of Filtered Water, Salmon Oil, Peppermint and Organic Food Colouring.

PetWinery Beer and Wine


The dog & cat wine is non-Alcoholic and enriched with salmon oil. This beverage is a healthy treat that will keep the skin healthy and coat shiny. Salmon oil is packed with Omega3's!

Bark Brew has added Glucosamine for hip and joint health. No Carbonation. No Hops.

PetWinery Tea


DoggieTea and KitTea is safe for dogs and cats of all ages and has a custom blend that is specifically designed for your pet. Each container has 8 tea bags for brewing. Filled with healthy herbs that are sure to delight your cat or dog.