After a night-flight we finally arrived in the warm state of Florida at Orlando Airport. On the plane we wondered why there would be so many families traveling to this city; but when we landed this all made perfect sence. No one of these families was coming to Orlando to visit the Global Pet Expo, they were all coming for the big vairety of theme parks and attractions. Did you know Orlando only has 200.00 inhabitants but offers 4.000 restaurants; you can imagine how big the tourist-industry is here.

A night-shift host with pink hair showed us to our room; located right along the highway (this city is surrounded by highways); our ear protectors would come in handy here.

After a good night sleep we were ready for the Global Pet Expo; something we have been looking forward to after visiting the fair in Madrid and Chicago. The fair is located in Orange County Convention centre and only a 6 minute drive away from our hotel. Even though it is a 30 minute walk, we decided to take a taxi in stead of walking in the by now 29 degrees celsius; a sticky heat not like what we are used to in Europe.


The fair we have been looking forward to for some time, in preperation of our trip to Bologna's Zoomark in May, but also to spot new products, trends and meet possible partners for Mr.Tails.

During our stay in Orlando we very much enjoyed visiting the below:


First American supermarket which is Organic Certified with a big in-house salad bar, juice bar, coffee station and rotiserie.


For a perfect steak and salad visit this location. In case you fancy a beer; order a small one, the big one is 20fl oz. which resembles 600 ml.


Mexican restaurant offering homemade fresh salsa and homemade nacho-chips. In case you are looking for a quiet place, definetley do not go here as it is a bit overwhelming with all its sound and colours. Go for the fajitas; they are a fresh variety to the overwhelming cheese-covered burritos.