For some things you want to wake up early; one of these things is visiting your suppliers, especially if they are responsible for making such a great product as the Cozy Cave. We took the morning flight from Orlando Sanford, which is located about 45 minutes from our Hotel; a lot further away then the Orlando airport we flew in to a few days ago.

Upon arrival at the small Concord Airport (this airport only has 2 gates) we finally met John, whom had a great South Carolina goodiebag prepared for us. He would take us to the factory which is about 2 hrs away from Concord Aiport; for American standard is this pretty close.

After a catch up meeting with Brian O'donnel, one of the owners of the factory, and Destiny, whom is resonsible for operations within the factory we were shown around the sewing, filling and packing areas. Here we could not only see the making of our beloved CozyCave, but also of a whole lot of other Snoozer Products, of which we will add some to the Mr.Tails range as well; more to follow soon.

Ever been to a South Caroline barbeque place? No? We also hadn't untill Brian took us out for lunch in Henry's Smokehouse.


A place where you can eat and drink like the locals do. Meaning a mix of Mac&Cheese, Sweet Potatoe Caserolle and Lemon-Ice-Water which actually tasted a lot like lemonade to Katinka and myself. Here you do not order "by piece" but "by pound" a phenomenon we would see more often.


After we checked into the hotel, John took us around Greenville. A lovely small city/village which breath freshness not only though its air but also thourgh its green parks, and healthy hangouts. It being surrounded by fields and forests makes you feel like you are in a different country almost than what we were used to in Orlando. Below a selection from the places we visited.


Store where Anne handmakes collars and leashes. Also in Martingale versions; of which we are a big fan as this is a more friendly solution for your dog.


Restaurant with a big terrace surrounded by a pond with fire-place inside. Great for local beers and Cocktails.


On our way to Bentley's (the siter of this place) we accidentaly ended up on it's basement where Trappe Door is located. A place where Europe meets USA, offering a large range of Belgian Beers.


Nice place for (my favourite) Asian beer (Asahi) and to sit outside and watch the cars parade by. Also has Edamame on the menu, in case you feel like having a small healthy snack.


Lovely restaurant located on the 2nd floor alongside the park. Offers also a terrace, and in our case a view of a show of 5 boys "playing" with Star-Wars light-swords. A mediteranian menu, with also lots of vegetarian options. If you like beer, try the Fat Tire; which is one of Johns favourites.